Folk festivals at Merzendorf

A lot of Latvian folk festivals have a Christian or heathenistic origin. Visit us and get to know the Latvian folk festivals. No matter which one you celebrate. You will find yourself surrounded by dancing and singing people. Don’t forget to try the food.

Ligo is the Latvian word for summer solstice. Midsummer Night is the most important festival. Traditionally, it’s celebrated with a big fire, a lot of beer, cheese, floral wreaths and a lot of singing. It takes part at the end of June. Liela Mara is just shortly after that in August. Farmer will celebrate the end of summer’s heatwave and the beginning of a new start to plant vegetables. It’s a tradition to ear lamp meat and drink a lot of beer.


Hackathon Latvia

Over the last couple of years, hackathons have taken the world by storm. And no, it’s not about breaking into some companies’ computer. A hackathon is an event in which different people collaborate on software projects. Hackathons mostly last between one day and a week and take place for different reasons.

Some hackathons are simply for education or social purposes. In many cases the goal is to create a usable software. The word ‘hackathon’ is a neologism. It combines ‘to hack’ and ‘marathon’. But that’s not the only name for such an event. A hackathon is also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest.

Hackathon Latvia takes place at our manor since 2015. What started as a small hackathon gets bigger every year. We are always happy to welcome ambitious German students from University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern and all around the world. 



Around Baldone are several festivals where you can go to. We will show you some examples.

Riga Opera festival

"The Riga Opera Festival, founded in 1998 as the first festival of its size and scale in Eastern Europe, has already become a valuable tradition." So they discribe this festival on the event-page. But it's not only a tradition. It's for all the people who love the opera. The Riga Opera Festival is every summer at the end of the latvian National Opera's performance season and has different themes every year. So if you love opera, thats your point. For more information you can click here.

Song and Dance Celebration

"Every five years, for one week." Thats the slogan for this event -  the Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance Festival. At this festival hundres of choirs, folk and dance groups try to inspire people all around the world. It's not just created to be seen. It's create to be a part of it. The festival has earned high honour internationally, being included on the UNESCO Oral History and Non-material Cultural Heritage List. For more information click here.


But that's not it. More festivals will take place. Check the list below for more ideas.