If you like snow you will love our winter season. Merzendorf is close to skiing areas. Riekstukalns is a short 5 minutes’ drive away from Merzendorf. Enjoy the pleasure of winter on the weekend and be a part of different events during the week.

Whether you are an experienced skier/snowboarder or beginner. Riekstukalns slopes are perfect for everyone. It offers slopes with a length of 250 to 350 meters and eight different levels of difficulty. It also includes a beginner’s hill, snow park, border track, sledge hill neslēpotājiem, an illuminated cross-country ski trail and eleven lifts.

Don’t worry if you do not own ski equipment. There is a huge ski, snowboard and cross-country equipment rental, equipment maintenance, ski and snowboard instructor’s services, changing rooms and individual lockers.

Café "Nuss - Pub" provides sustenance. It offers a hearty lunch or refreshments. For more information, you can click here.


Thanks to the green meadows and forests around Riga and Baldone Telfas offers you a wonderfull chance to ride as long as you want.

Telfas is only 5 minutes away from Merzendorf by car and also easily accessible by public transport. It has well prepared jumping areas and is close to a forest with beautiful trails for off-road riding. Moreover it offers leisure riding, training with a certified coach, jumping and dressage with well-trained and experienced horses and other services. They specialize in equestrian sports which are particularly suitable for people with special needs. Click here fore more informations.


Interested in a different kind of sport? How about one not everybody would call a sport. Golf. The green meadows of Latvia offer a perfect place to play a nice round of golf. Enjoy a day at a golf course with a lot of fresh air and a wonderful nature around you.

Whatever you call it, golf is a lot of fun. Choose one of the many golf courses in our region. How about the Riga Golfs Skola. It offers gold lessons and opens from 8am to 21pm on weekdays. But that’s only an example. There are more places to play a round of golf during your stay. And don’t be scared if you never played golf before. Just try it. Here are tips and rules for beginner. After reading this you are almost an expert and ready to play your very first round of golf.

Click here for more information.


Are you looking for an adrenalin rush?  Baldone Waterjump is an excellent place for sport fans. Everybody has a chance to use Baldones biggest slide and jump into refreshing water. The four slides are between 6 and 12 meter high.

Not exciting enough? The possibilities are endless. Bring your BXM or MTB bicycle, skis or a snowboard and try it that way. Bicycles may be used at all four slides. Snowboards and skis can be use at two slides.

Baldone Waterjump is only 16 minutes away from Merzendorf.

Culture and Education


Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum is the oldest and biggest open air museums in whole Europe. It’s located at the riverside of Juglas Lake. Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum is less than 50 minutes away.


Another museum is the Daugave - Museum. Visite the island Dole and go to it. Get to know more about the river Daugava. What was it like to live there and how did manage their daily lives? The museum offers many answers. Have a look at photos, discover different jobs.

Don’t forget to have a look at the Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant. It’s located beyond Riga’s southern border. But don’t worry. You can’t miss it.

You can reach Daugave-Museum within 25 minutes by car.

But Baldone offers more than that. Besides the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum and the the Daugave – Museum there are way more interesting museums. Check the list below for more museums or other interesting places.





National Park






Are you interested in history and architecture? There are quite a few castles and manors nearby you could visit. In fact, Mercendarbe Manor is one.

Besides our manor, how about a trip Jelgave Palace? It’s the largest Baroque-style palace in the Baltic states. You can also visite Rundāle Palace. Another of the two major baroque palace built for the Dukes of Courland.

Don’t forget to visit Riga Castle on your trip to Riga. You can reach all of them in less than an hour by car.



There are several activities around Baldone you can use to make your time in Baldone to a wonderful holiday. Another activity you can do is to go to the cinema. If you love movies than you will love the fact that one person only have to pay 3 euro for one cine loop. You can go alone or with your partner, family or friends.


Do you have kids or like animals? How about a trip to Mini ZOO Dobuļi. The petting zoo is located on a farm. You can pet various numbers of animals including miniature pigs, bunnies, goats and ponies. Feel free to take a walk around and discover exotic animals and birds.

It’s an adventure the whole family will enjoy. You can reach Mini ZOO Dobuļi within 20 minutes by car.


Do you like nature and silence? Are you tired from sightseeing, hiking and biking? Baldone is the perfect place for you. How about a peaceful day at the river?  Most of Latvia’s lakes and rivers are rich in fish. That’s why fishing is a popular activity in Latvia.

And winter doesn’t stop the fun. Ice fishing is very popular is Latvia. As soon as the rivers and lakes are frozen you can see a lot of ice fishermen heading out to catch some fish. Join them and try your luck.